DONATE and EMPOWER villagers in Rural India

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General Donation

100% of proceeds will go directly to our projects. You may choose to direct your donations towards an individual university chapter.


We want to address the prevalence of numerous preventable diseases that exists due to a lack of access to both easily-accessible healthcare and adequate health education resources.

Water & Sanitation

We want to address the many water-borne disease that stem from a lack of access to clean drinking water and poor-to-nonexistent sewage and sanitation.

Renewable Energy

We want to address the ongoing damage to people's health and to their environments from not taking advantage of green energy resources.


We want to address the wide gap between the urban and rural literacy rate that exists due to the resource-limited rural school systems and non-existing educational support systems.

Income Generation

We want to address the cycle of poverty that farmers and laborers are stuck in due to the lack of opportunities to generate more income.

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