Project RISHI (Rural India Social and Health Improvement) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the sustainable development and growth of rural Indian communities.

In partnership with local community members and social enterprises, we identify issues central to our target communities and provide the resource to implement solutions through extensive field research and on-campus initiatives.

What We Do.

We aim to address key developmental disparities that challenge our target village populations. After thoroughly understanding the severity of conditions relevant to each disparity, we research proven solutions developed by social enterprises that have already been successful in alleviating the burden of these disparities. Project RISHI catalyzes positive change by effectively bringing these affordable and sustainable solutions to our partnering villagers and then thoroughly evaluating the impact of each initiative.

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Our University Chapters

UC Berkeley

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Our Target Villages in India

Anandwan, Maharashtra
Bharog Baneri, Himachal Pradesh
Charnia, Haryana
Elandaikudam, Tamil Nadu
Jhundpur, Haryana
Kharoli, Maharashtra
Pariej, Gujarat
Vadamanappakkam, Tamil Nadu
Nagaviladiya, Gujarat

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