"My goal is to see healthy children, healthy families, and healthy communities."

-Dr. Eri Srivatsan

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote the sustainable development of rural Indian communities.
In partnership with local community members and social enterprises, we identify issues central to our target communities and provide the resource to implement solutions through extensive field research and on-campus initiatives.

About Us

We are a diverse group of passtionate and energetic individuals moving forward the dialogue on equity and resilience through our projects. We operate on a university model where undergraduate chapters partner with villages in need and a single National team serves to empower these chapters with the resources and guidance. Finally, our donors who believe in our mission allow us to make our projects a reality.

Our Team

Our National Team consists of entrepreneurs, educators, business leaders, developers, students, and more who believe deeply in the power of innovation and initiative to improve social and health conditions in rural India.

Dr. Ravi Menghani

Founder, Executive Director

Uday Gulati

President, National Team

Ganesh Raman

Assistant Director

Anurag Singhal

Director of Ops & Strategy

Adi Gulati

Director of Marketing - Strategy

Mo Siddiqui

Director of Finance

Rajat Suri

Director of Initiatives

Mugdha Golwalkar

Director of Initiatives

Akhil Kumar

Director of Initiatives

Suruchi Salgar

Initiatives Associate

Vaish Sridhar

Initiatives Associate

Rahul Chandrupatla

Initiatives Associate

Harish Shanker

Director of Special Projects

Ishanee Dighe


Shreyas Bharadwaj

Director of Research: Soccent

Mounika Kandalam

Director of Chapter Development

Radhika Gulhar

Director of Special Events & Alumni Relations

Harrison Wu

Educational Cirriculum

Amir Patel

Educational Cirriculum

Our Founders

Dr. Eri Srivatsan


Dr. Grant Lee


Daniel Choi


Dr. Ravi Menghani

Founder, Executive Director

Aswin Sekar

Founder, Assistant Director

Our Donors

Dr. Marilene Wang & Dr. James Watson
Dr. Sampath Rajagopal & Nandini Rajagopal
Dr. Marilene Wang
Mrs. & Mr. Raghavan
Dr. Sampath Rajagopal and Dr. Nandini Rajagopal
Mrs. & Mr. Partha Srinivasan
Dr. Narayan and Dr. Vaidehi
Dr. PP Vaidyanathan & Dr. Usha Vaidyanathan
Dr. Sahas & Dr. Nandita Sampath
Mrs. Vasumathi Madhavan &  Mr. Madhavan

Dr. Eri Rajaraman & Mrs. Sridevi Rajaraman
Dr. Ravi Menghani
Mrs. & Mr. Sundar
Dr. Grant Lee
Mrs. & Mr. Eri Srikanth
Dr. Sahas & Nandita Sampath
Dr. Ganapathi & Dr. Padma
Raghavan & Geetha
Dr. Narayan & Dr. Vaidehi
Dr. Natarajan Venkatesan & Dr. Indra Venkatesan

Dr. Rajagopal & Dr. Sudha Rajagopal
Mrs & Mr. Ravi Vasudevan
Dr. Kumar Bugga & Mrs. Lakshmi Bugga
Dr. Swaminathan & Padmavathi
Dr. PP Vaidyanathan
Dr. Gani Ganapthi
Dr. Kumar & Lakshmi Bugga
Bharathi Vayuvegula
Sharmila Mudgal
Quantum Eye Group

Our Promise

We believe in transparency and accountability. Since our promise to our donors is that we utilize 100% of their donations towards projects, we make accessible our annual financial reports and statements.

100% of your donation brings empowering solutions to people in need. Support us today!   DONATE >>